2011 Freihofer's Community Walk Raises $45,630:

Online Giving Tool Facilitated Ease of Giving for Regional Non-Profits

ALBANY, NY (July 5, 2011) — Officials for the 23rd Annual Freihofer's Community Walk — a free, 1.8-mile fundraising walk held Saturday, June 4 in downtown Albany — announced that $45,630 was raised by 48 regional charities at this year's event.

That amount, which does not include monies collected by 11 additional charities that participated, brings the total figure raised by the Community Walk to more than $1.3 million since the walk's inception.

"During these tough economic times it's gratifying to see that the Freihofer's Community Walk remains an important fundraising tool for so many local charities," said Event Director George Regan, noting that this year's event surpassed the 2010 total of $43,169, which was raised by 789 walkers representing 64 walk teams. "I believe the Community Walk's appeal centers around the fact that it's free for organizations and they don't have to worry about any of the administrative details. All they have to do is recruit walkers and put their pledges to work for their organization."

Key to the success of this year's walk was the introduction of a new web-based giving portal. Donated by Latham-based TurnKey Internet, the online giving tool listed all of the charities officially associated with the Freihofer's Run for Women and the Community Walk, and offered direct links to the charities' online giving pages.

"The online donation portal made giving easier and much more readily available to more people," noted Tim Kirsch, executive vice president of business development at TurnKey Internet.

"By simply sending an email out to friends and family requesting that they donate through the portal, we made it much easier for people to give to our cause," added Francine Sinkoff, marketing and development coordinator for Addictions Care Center of Albany, one of 39 groups that took advantage of the new giving tool.

Local charities can continue to take advantage of the Web-based donation portal for their year-round fundraising efforts. To do so, please contact the Freihofer's Community Walk office at (518) 273-5552, or email bruce@usatfadir.org.


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